Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Unrelated to the Farm

Just returned from the Summerside pool with Lucy for our weekly dip. We don't necessarily get in every single week, but we try. Due to lambing, it's been a little while, so she had a blast, remembering all the fun stuff we usually do. The above picture is the only one I could find of the actual pool and it's really only of the large, lap pool, although you can see the 'leisure/kid pool' in the back ground (where the big blue mushroomy thing and the big green slide is). No cameras are allowed in the pool area so I couldn't capture it, but I have to say that taking Lucy to the pool is definately a highlight for me. She loves it so much and has such a good time, it's hard to not get all caught up in the fun.
This morning there was a 'Aquafit' class going on (which is really a pool full of older ladies doing areobics together) and the teacher was up on the pool deck, leading the class to some pretty upbeat music, which only added to Lucy's fun. She'd get up on the kid pool deck and do the moves, dancing along with the older ladies.
A few other kids showed up after we were there for a while and I have a comment to make. I don't know who all my readership entails at this point, so I could offend someone, but I feel like life jackets are not as great as everyone may make them out to be and are sorely overused. I'm yet to see a kid at the pool under the age of about 5 or 6 without being strapped into a friggin life jacket. Firstly they can't swim like a regular person swims because their body doesn't have regular buoyancy. Secondly, they either have a false sense of security, or more often, are petrified because their parents are petrified and have forced them to wear this bulky, buoyant vest with straps everywhere you can imagine. I don't get it and I'm sure there are mothers out there writing blogs about the neglectful mother at the summerside pool who doesn't put her 16 month old into a life jacket and just lets her go under, fall, swallow water, sputter, cough and come up laughing the whole time.
Anyway, just a comment I wanted to make, along with my account of how much Lucy loves the water and I'm happy to say is not one bit nervous or scared (although some moms tell me is not a good thing).
Lambing has come to a stand still with the last two ewes just waiting me out. Surely they can't wait until April 18th (which is when I'm due), but at this rate, I wouldn't put it past them. I'm beginning to wonder if one is pregnant or just fat. I've had my camera out to the barn trying to capture the cuteness of the 15 little lambs running and jumping, so I'll hopefully post those sometime soon.


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