Thursday, November 26, 2009


My new windows!!! (For my sheep barn that is.) One side is completely done, framed, etc. and the other side is coming along nicely. My personal carpenters are doing a fantastic job! Prior to starting the windows however, Mark was working on some other projects that need to done before the weather turns, like rust proofing the roof on one of the warehouses. Despite appearances, the rusty colour is actually the protective stuff, not the rust itself, so things are better than they look!

Here's a little something to put you in the Christmas spirit. It's amazing how much more fun Christmas becomes with kids around. I've been holding myself back from decorating for a month now and am now bursting at the seams. Outside lights are all set, just need to plug them in sometime...SOON!
I hope you're getting some pleasant, very mild weather like we have. Old Man Winter will be here soon enough (and I personally can't wait, snow is my favorite season!)


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  1. you can tell it is a farmer doing the carpenter work when you see a chainsaw!!!!!
    love the picture of lucy