Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year!!!

Lucy, galloping into the new year on her new steed, Trigger.
Wilson and Lucy decorated the bottom two feet of the tree (which finally dried out very nicely) and Lucy is bragging up the branch she declared as hers.

There are those who think that resolutions are a crazy, outdated, overdone, boring and useless things, but I am not one of them. I think that a new year is like a new diary, a journal with a fresh start that can be filled with anything! Before I went to university (and subsequently felt I had something to say, evidently) I had stacks of empty journals that I just thought were too nice and too clean and perfect to mess up with mere words and sketches, etc. Anyway, January first seems like a great time to me to make promises to yourself to better who you are! Despite popular belief, I think there are actually things I could improve on. (haha)
So, I've decided, after careful consideration to post one here, in real life, in a tangible form I can refer back to when I need to remind myself what it is I thought would be beneficial to me.

- Learn to love lamb. I've kept a secret from my customers (but not from my family!) that I do not like lamb. I've actually outright lied to some customers and am quoted in one of the newpaper articles about the farm as raving over my 'favorite lamb dish' which is apparently bbq'd leg of lamb (which I've never had, but have seen on the Food Network).
-Apparently New Years is also a time to reveal terrible confessions about yourself....
Anyway, I've decided that I have to teach myself to like it more, if I'm really going to try to expand my market. I need to convince my own generation (and the generation before me...ahem brothers and sisters...) that lamb is good. So, first I need to convince myself. And I figure it might be an acquired taste, so I'm going to try to cook (and eat) more lamb. I haven't told Mark this yet (until he reads this) and he will be ecstatic, as he loves lamb. As will Lucy, who also seems to have a real taste for it. So January 1st, 2010 we ate our first lamb dish of the year, Lamb Sausage Penne with Tomato Sauce.
I'm no food stylist, but here it is, in all it's lamb glory. Also, please note, this is Mark's serving size, not mine...That would not be good for obligatory 'lose weight' resolution.

I threw some cottage cheese on the side because it is one of my favorite foods and I thought if I combined a favorite with a least favorite they might counteract and be ok. And they did, it was ok. Lucy's face proves how much she liked it.

Another resolution is to do more blog entries. I think I'm better off, for readership sake, posting short ones more often, than long ones infrequently. This is only a matter of self-discipline (as in not letting myself crash on the couch, and crash in front of the computer instead) and not teaching, or learning to love something, so surely this one I can handle.
Christmas was really great this year and I can tell it is only going to get better with each year as the kids grow. I'll leave you with a shot of the two them, enjoying their new sled from "Ho Ho" after our second snow of the season. As I write this we are getting our third, and biggest yet. Combined with all the rain we got overnight we have a very wet looking yard (but DRY BASEMENT!!! So far...).Hope this finds you well and warm.



  1. We had our first lamb chops this past week and they were delicious. We will be asking for more from your mom. MLM

  2. Sally,
    Promise me you will try lamb with mint jelly. And yes you can most likely make your own mint jelly.....something for sometime down the road...but in the meantime...go buy a bottle.....
    Lamb with mint jelly is SOOOOOO good! I have no idea what it is about the combination that makes it so delicious but it is the ONLY way to have lamb, in my humble opinion, and once you've tried it; I'm betting you will agree, and I doubt you will have lamb without it ever again.
    Happy New Year to you and your flock...both the 4-legged and 2-legged!

  3. You forgot the usual resolutions; less swearing, driving slower, losing the christmas weight gain,etc.... Your mother makes these ones every year.....

  4. all the best in the new year red rockers ,,so glad to here about the dry basement