Wednesday, March 31, 2010


That's right, Barnyard Organics has the coast!  All this time we thought Freetown was relatively 'inland', but our new mussel pile has transported it to the seashore!
Seagulls have completely taken over.  The pile is white with birds and the fields are littered with them too.  Although they may be eating some of the 'goodness', they are working for us, unintentionally.  They grab a shell, fly away to eat it, drop it, poop and go back for more.  So the shells are being distributed a bit at a time and we're getting LOTS of free seagull poop all over the place.  The value of them, fertility wise is a bit of a joke, but they sure sound nice with the windows open.

I just close my eyes and I'm suddenly laying on a lounger at a resort in Hawaii or Cuba, or somewhere delicious like that this time of year.

Then, someone needs a diaper change, or a nose wipe, or a snack, or a cuddle, and I'm back in Freetown.  I kind of like it that way.  Thanks seagulls for your coastal song and the moment of getaway!  If anyone is interested in sitting out amongst the birds, fruity drink in hand, we only charge a very reasonable rate, by the hour.  Now THAT's value-added!  :)



  1. what else do you get in the fruity drink while your outside with seagulls overhead.

  2. It was sweet to hear the wee girl singing Old Macdonald had a farm with seagulls here ,seagulls there......