Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Waxing Poetic

I've always been a bit of a sucker for contests.  Well, contests that interest me. I saw a documentary the other day about these people called "contesters" who make a living (or try to) from entering contests. It's real weird.
Anyway, that's not me. I only enter the ones I'm really interested in or the ones with prizes that I really want. 
So our CBC morning show here runs pretty good contests from week to week and mostly they're just the 'draw the name out of a hat' thing, so there's not a lot of effort required. It's easy to send off a quick email with a picture of a spring scene (new lambs) or my first piece of music (Tiffany cassette for 6th birthday from Jill)but this week's contest is different.  It's judged.  My competitive side LOVES being judged so I kicked it into gear.  The prize isn't even something I love- it's $96.10 (radio frequency) of lobster!  I'm not a lobster fan but I would love to be able to treat some of the people who love it and share it with us each summer, so when I heard the details of the contest were to be creative and come up with 'your best Island Morning' (the name of the morning show is Island Morning) my synapses started firing off rhymes.  Here's the result:

Just a couple years ago
Full of New Brunswick pride
I woke up in Freetown
As a new blushing bride

I resisted the pull
Of the Islander life
And reveled in being that
‘From Away’ wife.

But like the salt in the air
And the turn of the tide
With each passing day
I gained more Islander pride

And how could I not
With the life that I’ve got

I wake up to my kids
Who’ve had enough sleep
“Let’s go drive a tractor,
Let’s go feed the sheep!”

And life on the farm
Well, each day is new
A surprise baby lamb
Or the first set of dew

Each day there’s a wonder
A job to be done
Sometimes it’s dirty,
And mostly it’s fun.

So my best Island morning
Isn’t just one
It’s the crow of the rooster
The dawn of the sun.

The crack of fresh eggs
The pitter pat of wee feet
I’m so glad that I
Did my Islander meet

Since my first morning here,
As I’ve shown in this letter.
My Island Mornings only get
Better and better.

 I also included this photo which Island Morning has posted on their contest site.  I don't have exceptionally high hopes on winning the lobster, but I feel pretty great about my effort!  Hope you enjoyed it!


  1. I DO enjoy it! Here's to you winning!
    Great pic too.....everyone being so industrious.
    My 'garden' is still a 'hill'. One of these weekends there will be time...maybe I'm just can't do it until I've got mosquitoes and midges driving me crazy.
    (And thanks for posting some family pics in the last blog...I'd given up hoping.)

  2. Continuing to follow in your family footsteps I see. It is good and you should win. You get my vote anyway. MLM

  3. I'll bring my lobster bibs.....