Friday, May 14, 2010


For anyone interested in the presentations to the Standing Committee on Agriculture that I referenced, here's an article in today's paper (featuring a picture of yours truly...of course, who else! hahaha) Journal Pioneer.  It doesn't give many specifics, but highlights a few comments made.  It went ok.  I think more interestingly, I attended a reception the night before, put on by our MP, Wayne Easter, who was taking the opportunity to wine and dine the other MP's on the committee and introduce them to a few locals.  I made Mark come with me and it was certainly interesting.  I was so glad I went because I got to see the committee in their true element, very relaxed and personable, whereas during the hearings they were very deadpan, serious and a tad intimidating had I not gone to the reception. But I did, so when Bev Shipley, tory MP for southern Ont., asked me a question at the hearings I felt confident that he was full of crap and I wasn't intimidated at all.

Afterall, anyone who pats me on the back and says, "Good for Yooou, a WOMAN farmer," deserves a good kick in the teeth anyway.  Good for you Bev, you managed to wipe your own arse this morning instead of having your staff do it for you. 

As you can see, it was an enlightening experience!  :)  I told Mark that I'm pretty sure I could be an MP someday. There was a hilarious french lady, MP for the Bloc, who made me suck back an oyster by tossing it in my wine and I thought...I'm no crazier than she is!  Better stop writing inflamatory things on the internet though, those'll come back to haunt me come vetting time! haha.



  1. Sally, glad it went well. Good pic in the Journal. I would so vote for you!!! Your a bit of a hell raiser, I like it.

  2. Check the comments on your chicken foot entry....
    Love your descriptions of our paid "employees" at least they are human. You should hear the comments here on Cousin Shawn...