Thursday, January 20, 2011

Tick tock tick tock

Just waiting...Today is the 'official' due date, although that apparently means nothing to my babies, who prefer to make a fashionably late entrance, usually a week late.  Nothing like anticipation I guess?  Anyway, much more so with this one than the previous two, I am more than ready and anxious to be 'done being pregnant'.  Sleep and comfort elude me and the usual anxiety that accompanies giving birth hasn't even crossed this radar.  Just get it done!!!  Every little twinge makes my wishful thinking brain think that maybe the show is getting on the road, but nope...nothing yet.  Stay tuned.  I haven't posted anything in a while for a couple reasons; mostly because there isn't much going on at the farm these days.  This is slow, quiet time for Barnyard Organics and I have to say I'm really enjoying it.  Besides being meeting season, the farm itself has settled into a nice routine of regular chores and puttering jobs, but there isn't that spring/summer/fall sense of urgency.

The other reason I haven't written much is because I keep hoping that the next post will be a birth announcement.  SURELY, after this one...?

So, not much farm news, besides the fact that this batch of lambs is growing as fast as I've ever seen lambs grow.  There are two ram lambs who are over 35lbs already and looking REALLY good.  I am very pleased. Atta boy Duncan!
Mark's parents received a gift certificate for Christmas for a sleigh ride with a local company and took the opportunity last weekend to take us all out for a ride.  It was a beautiful day and the freshly fallen snow was just like a postcard.  Here's Lucy enjoying herself and reveling in being 'right by the horsies!"

 All else is pretty quiet.  We've had some pretty cold days and with my energy level being at a low, getting outdoors, let alone staying outdoors, seems like a more daunting task than I'm willing to tackle, so we've been a bit housebound.  The favorite dress up game since Christmas is "Shepherds" which involves some pretty simple costumes (see below) and some plush sheep.  You'd have to be a pretty wily coyote to get past this vigilant duo.

Looking forward to the next post, which will surely carry something more exciting than this one!!

Hope this finds you fending off the January blues (I find that discounted Christmas chocolate helps!) and maybe enjoying looking through the bright colours of seed catalogues for the spring!



  1. Like the post and especially the pictures! Lisa

  2. hey sal
    we have been checking the phone and emails every chance we get to hear the news but........
    i bet the kids sure loved the sleigh ride they are always fun ,maybe you could rent your sheperds out to the branch in coyote season