Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Chicken and Cow questions.

Question of the day: Why did the chicken make the funny noise when it breathed?  No really.  Why?  One of our hens seems to have gotten into something that caught in its throat so now everytime it breathes, it wheezes, or rather, clucks...It's hard to explain but it is certainly strange.  I've felt up and down the windpipe and hung it upside down, but the poor lady just keeps wheeze-clucking away.  And the other mean old hens apparently have no tolerance for it.  Even the internet, full of overzealous, crazy chicken owners doesn't have anything to offer me.  Advice?

Everytime I go out to see the cow I say, "I'm worried about Rosie." And Mark everytime says, "Well, get the vet or your brother or somebody if you're so worried."  And she's still producing milk and eating and seemingly happy, but I don't feel like she looks so good.  She's a jersey so she's supposed to be a bag of bones, but she's not shiny like she used to be.  And I know it's spring and cows shed their winter coat, but she's REALLY shedding, in big clumps.  I think the culprit is probably that big calf, Poppy beside her that is really too big to still be in with her since we're milking her.  Thoughts from the cattle owners out there?
Brown gold: the compost pile waiting to be spread this week.

 Apparently the extra fun part of spreading the compost- the adventure of getting back the lane each time.

 Here are my soy lovers enjoying some chocolate tofu mousse.  And you can cut out the mental gagging right now because I made it for Mark, hid the evidence and he had NO idea it was anything other than regular chocolate mousse.  It really is delicious and the fastest dessert you will EVER make.  A new Bernard family favorite around here. 

 Here's one of my second batch lambs, happily lazing in the hay in the feeder/walkway.  A good indicator that it's spring is the bedding getting so thick that the sheep have to bend down to eat. haha.  The lambs spend most of the day up in the feeder, which they shouldn't even be able to reach if the barn wasn't full of four months of bedding and uneaten hay. 

Thayne is finally big enough to enjoy his jolly jumper and excersaucer and his older siblings are enjoying being able to 'play' with him now.  This last shot shows the fruits of their labour and was quickly followed by a scattering of kids yelling, "Thayne PUKED!!!"  It never gets old apparently.

It didn't bother my happy-go-lucky guy any though.  Growing up so fast.

In an effort to create a more...er...harmonious marriage, I got a laptop so Mark could use the computer all he wanted.  I'm still figuring it all out and it's taking up preciousposting time, so bear with me!

Hope this finds you ordering a few seeds for a garden, maybe even watering some starter plants. (I've finally admitted defeat with this sunless house and have given up trying to start plants and am looking forward to buying my tomatoes and peppers from Jen Campbell this year.  Ah, but with the promise of snow tomorrow, spring is not REALLY here yet is it?  You can always be sure that the day after Mark drops off his snowblowing bills for the year, some snow comes along for a laugh.) 



  1. Oh this is a lovely post and I enjoyed it so much. The photos are great and you always seem to get a chuckle out of me right away. Your little guy sure is growing up fast.

    Re the jersey, sent you an email about our experience so would not hesitate to call a vet. We waited too late.

    Your wheezy chicken..can't think what that would be. Allergies))

  2. The hen is just chocking over all the election promises which are floating around or else she is gagging over the political stand that her female owner has taken...

  3. more likely that there's a big mean, blue-eyed hen who keeps ignoring the rules of the coop and not listening to anyone and pushing the others around, and that little sweet hen tried to stand up to her and the big one silenced her, tried to throw her out of the big hen's rally's...ahem...coop. It's contagious apparently, all the way from Ottawa.... :)

  4. Please share your recipe for the chocolate tofu mousse. Sure looks good and should work for some one with cow's milk allergy.

  5. Sally. I very much enjoy your blog! I was puttering on the internet tonight and came across this new free PEI website - wondered if you knew of it...

    Cousin-in-law(!) Shari

  6. Hey Sally,

    Gary says give Rosy a good curry combing and as long as she's still eating, drinking, and producing you don't have to worry yet. He also says to kick her outside during a nice warm spring rain - that'll shine her up.

    Regarding your hen problem - Gary advises that a good sharp axe will fix that! (extreme tracheotomy!)

    I would like the recipe for the mousse if you get a chance. Thanks for making me smile:)!


  7. I KNOW there is not a Hughes Hill Farms in the Branch...but boy! the advice sure sounds like it has that local flavor!

    Great pics Sal. Thanks for posting!