Saturday, April 30, 2011

Freetown's Annie Oakley

Shot my first gun today.  I won't tell you what it was, so that I can maintain some credibility with you gun aficionados out there, but it was still exciting.  I am now not so critical of the number of guns in my husband's possession, although really, you can only shoot one at a time right?  Please note however, that my newfound appreciation of long guns in NO WAY affects my political position.  (That's for you, Dad.) 



  1. Also to her credibility it was a shot gun not a daisy special.


  2. Well, exciting day then. You can now cross that off your list of the things you hope to one day do. I remember the day I fired a 303....but I recall it felt more like it fired me!

  3. Thank you for not sharing what you shot!

  4. i remember going with april when she fired at a porcupine and april was the one that went arse over teakettle!!!!!!!!!1