Monday, May 9, 2011


Ah, finally, warmer weather!  Short sleeves, no pants and swings=bliss. Life is good these days in the Bernard household.  The next shot is a great example of what we do when it's not warm enough to be outside.
I'm usually cooking, Lucy is puzzling, with Jimmy in arms and Wilson is getting bored and fussy, while Thayne watches.

In un=family related news, I was directed to this article  by a blog that I regularly read by a retired journalist here on the Island on his blog Food Matters.  It is about the farm subsidies in the US that have created artificially low food prices, environmental degradation and monocropping.  Since the farm bill was signed, farmers have been receiving $5 BILLION annually to grow corn and soybeans and that's just a portion of the larger amount ($16 billion annually) for other various programs.  BILLION.  US farmers have admitted that this is not an ideal situation and various politicians have suggested removing or limiting the subsidies, but it's political suicide to remove reliable and long-term funding like that for a whole industry.  Well, as this article suggests, FINALLY there is real talk to cutting the subsidies.  Almost completely.  Why would a farmer want to see farm subsidies removed?  There are so many reasons, but you just have to consider how those American subsidies affect Canadian commodity prices and it is a real step forward for a more sustainable food system.  Back to my latest favorite book, "The Organic Manifesto" by Maria Rodale, she talks a lot about the farm bill and how it inherently promotes growing GMO's and inhibits development of organic farms and operations.  Corn requires a LOT of fertilizer, which in itself can be a real problem,
but the main markets for corn are other serious problems (high fructose corn syrup and cattle feed).  I could go on for a while, but check out the article and keep and eye on these developments.  I really believe this could be a big step forward for agriculture both in the US and here.  Hooray!!

Back to family bits, here's a few recent shots for anyone interested.
 The bathing beauty.  LOVES his bathtime.
 Here's a picture from being home in NB this weekend.  The kids were trying out some football gear with some help from their older cousin Ewan.  This must be Mark's dream come true. :) 

 And here's my little swing-lovers.  Wilson like playing it pantless mostly these days (potty training).  You can see that Thayne is not all that excited by it all, but in true form he tolerates it for the benefit of everyone else. My easy-going guy.

Hope this finds you enjoying the greenness of the grass these days.  Reminds me of a song by Sarah Harmer
"Look at that green, out through the screen
After a quick rain came.
So fast, that there wasn't time to roll up the windows
And pull the clothes down off the line.
I don't care it was so dry
The grass is happy and I think so am I."

Our land is very dry and we could really use all the rain they've been calling for that has been going around us.  No seeds in the soil here yet, but we're ready and Mark, is eager to try out his new fish fertlizer applicator that goes on the seeder.  Will try to include some pictures for those interested sometime soon.



  1. great pictures sal and as for the weather i think it might SNOW in nb it is so bloody cold. i thought those football players were my guys till i read on

  2. US Farm Subsidies -- my pet peeve. I listen to local farmers complain about Welfare recepients in the state -- never thinking that they are receiving far more in government payments than the poor. But this program will never end. The farm lobby is incredibly strong. So we will continue to raise crops that erode the land with pesticides that kill us, the soil and the farmers themselves. I can't tell you how many farmers/farm family members I have seen die with horrible cancers.

    What is so sad is that they have, after generations of accepting government payments, become like the welfare families in the city, unable to imagine living any other way.

    In contrast, the Amish live 2 hours away, have no dealings with our government programs, protect their soil, support their families and put the rest of the state to shame!!