Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Spring Rush.

People always say, "Bet you guys are really busy this time of year!" and I think to myself, "Yeah, Mark is really busy, but my life sort of goes along at its usual pace."  BUT then, even though I'm not the one on the tractor, I'm somehow busier too.  The garden is partially in (planting corn for the first time-low expectations) and I dug a screen door out of a 'big garbage' pile on my way home from West Branch last week, so am ready to put that on the front door.  I've been writing, organizing, rehearsing and directing our Sunday School closing that is coming up and trying to put together a wee reunion for the girls from Mount Allison at some point during the summer.  Probably the most blog-affecting project I've undertaken is training for my first 5k race coming up this Saturday.  I started running at the end of April, for the first time in my life and have been really excited about the progress I've made from wheezing home after a long walk, to only needing to stop for a quick walk a couple times during the 5k. But with Mark in the fields many nights, it's been tricky getting away in the evenings, and then by the time I do, and shower, there's not much left for blogging. 
Anyway, that's just a bunch of excuses.  Here's what you really come for; farm updates.
We had lots of spring rain, as did rest of the Maritimes, but the ol' red sandbar dries out pretty quick and Mark disced, harrowed and sowed over 150 acres in about 2.5 days last week.  All the grain (barley, wheat and oats) is in the ground now and the wheat has come up and is looking fantastic.  We drove back to check out the winter wheat and it is looking like one of the best crops we've grown to date.  We're really starting to see the benefits of taking the time to develop and maintain a well-rounded, healthy soil.  So, he's just waiting on soybean planting now, taking the opportunity to fingerweed the grain as it comes up.  As usual this time of year, optimism is running high. 

Our first batch of chicks arrived today and the sheep are finally out on their new pasture.  They were just like kids when we let them out.  Even the old girls were kicking up their heels.  There is something about spring, wearing short sleeves for the first time, that first reminder of sunburn, the tracking of sandbox sand through the house, the smell of the grass (which is growing at an astronomical rate) and the long evenings (although not long enough to get everything done! haha).

Batteries are out, in the camera right now, but will be sure to include some pictures soon.  Things are so green and lush right now. 

Yawn, bedtime comes too quickly these days.  Hope this finds you contentedly exhausted too.



  1. Nice to get all of the updates and good luck with the run on Saturday!

  2. Yes, good to see a new entry. Congratulations on taking on, and conquering the 5K challenge. It's great that you are reaping rewards for your effort (and Bruce thought it was spring that was the reason for the reduction in rants!) Good luck on Saturday Sal!! Proud of you!