Sunday, March 11, 2012


As many of you know, Mark and I were humbled to be named Atlantic Outstanding Young Farmers for 2012 this past week and as such I feel obligated to write a blog entry.
Not because of the win directly, but because I suspect there may be some new people drawn to the blog due to the media attention, if only for a moment, and I'd hate for the first post they see to me cranking about a lawyer (see Bottom Feeders, below).  So, by posting this I'm taking the opportunity to let any new readers know that I'm not all about ranting (although there is a significant portion of that goes on here), but that this really is supposed to be a blog about the farm and our experiences as young organic farmers. 
That said, carry on and enjoy! 
A highlight of the winning for me, so far, was tonight when I was quickly scanning Twitter and saw that Chef Michael Smith put out a tweet congratulating us!  He has well over 17000 followers and is a bit of a culinary hero to many.  Exciting!

We were super happy to have Mark's cousin Vanessa and her husband Tim come stay at our place and try their hand at farming while we were gone.  Tim is a natural cow milker and Vanessa had this house cleaner than it's ever been, so we know who to call in November when we go to the National event...all the way in Charlottetown.  :)

I hope the time change doesn't mess with your internal clock too seriously and that you don't have young kids to convince otherwise at 5am.


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