Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Topsoil

This is our view this morning, after yesterdays crazy windstorm of snow/dirt.  The house was pelted with dirty snow all day, so now it's peppered with nice red sand and the snowdrifts all look like those soft ice cream combination cones of chocolate and white together. 
But the particular part of this view that I want you to notice is that clear line that runs through the field in the middle, across the road. It's a winter wheat field and you can see that the top half of it is brown.  I initially thought it was dead wheat, for some unknown reason, but Mark said, "Nope, it's topsoil.  North wind."
The only reason I'm noting this in particular is because across the road, from where the wind came, is a field that belongs to the farm I wrote about who removed all their hedgerows. Granted, there were no hedgerows there before, but if there is a more clear example of the effectiveness of a treeline, I haven't seen it.

So, thanks, for the free topsoil.  Not so welcome on my house, but it's a pretty sweet resource on the sandbar, so we'll take good care of it. 


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