Saturday, March 19, 2011

Alive and Dry

I have been itching to get a post done for what feels like weeks now. Between a couple rounds with the flu, some water in the basement, a trip to the ACORN conference, a night owl baby and the daily rigors of life, leisure computer time has fallen pretty far down the list, if not off the list completely.

But I just wanted to let you know that Barnyard Organics is alive and well.  The aforementioned ACORN conference was really great, again, and it was a special treat to have a two night stay in a hotel room with only one kid in tow! A big thanks to Poohie and Grampy for that vacation!

I am working on a project right now for a night called A Local M.E.A.L. (Meet, Eat And Learn) involving chefs, farmers, sellers and eaters where I will be presenting a talk called, "Why Organic Matters", using examples from our farm.  This is a particular challenge for me in that there is a very specific format for the talk called, Pecha Kucha, which is new to me.  It means that each speaker provides 20 photos/slides with each timed for 20 seconds so that the entire presentation cannot be longer than 6 mins 40 seconds.  It has been a real challenge for me to reign in my words and make each one really count, since 20 seconds is NOT VERY LONG!  Especially when it's something that I'm so passionate about.  So that has been eating up any spare computer time, but I think I've started to get it wrapped up.

Well, according to the kids, time is up, so that's all you get from me for now.

Our website and email is back up and running so life goes on.  I hope to post more soon.
Lambs have started to arrive and spring feels like it's on its way after all.  Whew.  Life goes on.



  1. Welcome back. Nice to hear from you again and know all is well. MLM

  2. Yes, great to see a new post. The Local M.E.A.L night sounds really interesting, and the format for that presentation sounds like an excellent way to keep things on track!! Good luck!!