Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Movie

I was lucky enough to spend yesterday with MY Dad and Mom in Truro at the All Canada Sheep Classic 2012 where I bought a new ewe to add to the flock.  She's a beauty from Ont. which I thought looked shorter than the rest of the Ontario giants, but now I'm worried when I get her home that everything will just seem relative and she'll still stand out above the crowd.  Anyway, she'll be a welcome addition either way.  I was proud of the sheep that my parents had at the event and inspired by all of the animals there to continue breeding quality livestock and raising good food. 
It was a real D.I.Y. Father's Day around here and I've been talking about doing a video of the farm for a while now, so I finally got it put together and posted on YouTube as a surprise for Mark today.
Check it out and enjoy!  (There's a music, although it starts out quiet).

Now get out and enjoy the beautiful day!


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  1. What a wonderful gift for your husband. And the rest of us. I've been to PEI many times, my husband has family up round East Point, and you truly live on the Jewel in the Gulf. At least when it's not snowing :). I loved seeing the farm and the kids through the seasons of the farm. Thanks for sharing the video with the rest of us.