Thursday, February 26, 2015

What I learned on Mark's summer vacation

For those of you who don't know, a couple important things happened around here lately. Firstly, Mark left for a 10 day trip to Chile with his Atlantic Agricultural Leadership Program for their international study tour.  At the same time, PEI experienced Snowzilla like never before (well, since 1923 at least).  Here's 10 things I learned from Mark's Summer Vacation (it was 30 degrees and sunny in Chile).

10. I'm tougher than I thought.
9.  But not tough enough that I don't call a brother in a blubbering mess in the middle of the night.
8.  Certain kinds of snow make for much easier shoveling than others.
7.  Milking a cow can be a very meditative time.  The world can be crumbling around you, but it's a task that requires your presence and patience and must be done, no matter what else is happening.  Despite having to dig a 4 foot tunnel everyday just to get to the door, it became my "be still and know" moment.
6.  I can understand how people get addicted to their cell phones. Mark left his behind when he went, and I came to rely on it for everything when our internet went out, and then had a hard time giving it up when he came back.
5.  Asking for help is still hard, but so effective.  Neighbours, family and friends are so good.
4.  Snow and wind can be very scary.  I've never actually been scared of being outside before, but there were true moments of fear (hence reliance on cell phone for security blanket).
3.  Furnaces are wonderful when they work.  Mysteries of frustration and anxiety when they don't.
2.  I take a lot of what Mark does for granted.  And mostly the small things that really add up.
1.  My role as the mere 'housewife' is a crucial one.  I truly gained a new appreciation for my role and the importance of what it is I do around here.  Twice, I forgot to eat supper until I lay in bed and my stomach growled.  I slipped into Survival Mode and all the extra niceties of life gave way to the bare minimum requirements and it became so clear to me just how valuable all those little things that I do, actually make a difference to not only the household but the farm and our business. 
So for that, I'm very thankful for Mark's summer vacation.

However, he will never go that far, for that long ever again. 
Without me.


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  1. Those are all good things that you learned. Appreciating one's partner is important at any stage of life. As is appreciating oneself. I wonder what your children would put on their list!! Interesting I bet. :-)