Tuesday, April 20, 2021

The Barnyardigans Grow Up and Get a Schedule


The closest we've ever come to a strict schedule around here is "No one works on Sunday (besides the mandatory livestock chores)".

But with planting season approaching and the feed mill busier than ever, we're testing the waters of a new scheduling system which is going to require a little more planning on the part of our customers. Any orders of feed being shipped directly to them, including retailers, should expect two delivery days per week. We have been, to now, shipping on demand, but to streamline things a bit for space and human resources, we're hoping that a regular schedule will help (and maybe even get us some better shipping quotes?).

As for folks who pick up at the farm, please note the daily shut down from noon-1. This is going to be a tough one, since it seems that many customers like to come at meal times, but if someone comes between those times, they may have to wait until 1. 

Behind the scenes of all this is a more scheduled feed mixing schedule as well. We're hopeful that Monday and Wednesday will be enough to complete the orders for the week. So for example, if you place an order on Wednesday night, it means that it won't be made until Monday morning and then shipped the next day, Tuesday. We recognize that this could pose some real challenges for folks who have gotten used to our on-demand service.  We will be flexible for the first few weeks, but are hopeful that we can all transition to this schedule in order to ease the pressures on everyone at this busy farm.

I hope that this does not create a difficult challenge for you, outside of a little added planning. Happier feed millers must make for better feed?!?

Thank you so much in advance for your understanding and willingness to give this a go. 

Mark & Sally

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