Friday, April 30, 2010

Cranky way to start my day

Argh. I wouldn't be mad if the entries that had won were actually creative, but unfortunately they weren't so I'm in a turmoil. I mean seriously!? Not even an honourable mention!??!! They asked for creative, not entries from old people who managed to submit a photograph by email for the first time in their lives, or boring stories about driving school bus and waving to kids. Whoopee.

Clearly I am not a good loser. I followed the criteria which was 'be creative'. And now I'm following the 'sore loser' criteria which is to be angry and spiteful.

It's because I'm 'from away' and admitted it. Islanders hate that. They like to be the ones to call you out on it.

haha. Feeling better already.



  1. My husband heard your poem read by the CBC announcer and he thought it was pretty good, for somebody from away, anyway!

  2. You entered, you tried.
    You lost. Got fried.
    so what?!.....
    Company lands -
    Feed them lamb!

    Better luck next time Sal.

    Sometimes a draw makes for a safer sore losers to gripe about the judges' decisions.

  3. Hi Sally ... love your website. Sorry about the contest. One of the 'from away' judges, Karen

  4. Bummer dude. You totally should have won!!!