Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lessons in Organics

Here's my presentation that I did at the Local M.E.A.L.  Please keep in mind that it followed the Pecha Kucha format of 20 slides for 20 seconds each. For some reason the editor chose to show more of me speaking rather than all my slides, but the message is still pretty clear.   Basically I was trying to encourage people to see that there exists some serious differences between so-called 'natural' and 'organic'.  This has been a real bee in my bonnet as of lately when it seems that everyone is on the 'natural' bandwagon, which means absolutely nothing.  There are no natural regulations.  Conventional agri-food realizes that and sees a huge opportunity to take a regular product, slap a green label on it and put it beside organics at a cheaper price.
On a more local level, my main competition in marketing my meat is our 'natural' neighbours and fellow farmers who for the most part are giving their livestock a very natural way of life.  I just wanted to show some of the differences that sets organics apart from natural.  That said, I have every respect for farmers who are raising ethical, natural products and getting a fair dollar for them.  Just don't say they are the same as mine. Harumph.  So there.

A Local M.E.A.L. - Sally Bernard from nick battist on Vimeo.

If you feel like watching- enjoy!  My mother will enjoy seeing how my french 'heritage' shows through as I'm speaking with my hands.
Erm....forgot to mention that everyone in my family is actually featured in the first slide.  Forgot to get their permission I guess. haha.



  1. Excellent!! So impressed. Great presentation!

  2. well done SALLY you and MARK musr be new age HIPPIES

  3. Great Job !! It pays to be a fast talker and hand waver. I wonder from whom did you inherit those traits....

  4. That was excellent Sally!! Lucy must have made for a great practise audience afterall...your timing was bang on it seemed.

  5. Sally! Was this a Pecha Kucha!? (20 slides in 20 seconds?) I just had to do one of these for my Environmental Problem Solving class! Stressful eh? But a pretty effective way to present I think! I read your latest entry too about the election coming up and I am in full agreement. :)

  6. Ok, I obviously did not read the first part of your entry. Yes this was a Pecha Kucha....