Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bottom Feeders

so it's been a while since I've written a rant about an inconsequential thing and I think I'm about overdue.
We've been receiving some of bills that come with running a business and being a human today in regards to accountants and lawyers and since I a)don't like our lawyer and b)am not sure I trust that our accountant is working very hard for us, I've been especially annoyed this year when the bills roll in.

And I can actually handle the exorbitant fees they charge. I understand that it's a necessary service, requiring very specific education and for reliable (although that's questionable given some of the supposed 'deadlines' with our accountant) and trustworthy (again, see above) people, I am willing to pay, without too much grumbling.

It's the 'Administration Fees' that really burn my arse.  I am completely mystified that I can be charged for 'photocopies, long distance charges, postage, office supplies and paper'.  First of all, is that not a tax write-off, just as it for ANY business? So, is it even LEGAL to pass that off to the customer?  Secondly, can I now, in turn, when I send in my cheque, include an invoice for the paper it's printed on, the ink it's printed with, the postage it's sent with, the envelope cost, my time, computer depreciation, a charge for the accounting program I use and a fee to cover my heart medication when I have a coronary over this? 

Seriously.  An 'administration fee' is bullshit. 

Lastly, the fee from our lawyer was for a significant (personal) cheque we made well BEFORE Christmas to be handled by them and delivered to the recipient.  The date on the paperwork was VALENTINES DAY!!!  Does that mean that MY money sat in the lawyers bank account accumulating interest for THEM for TWO months before it made it where it was supposed to!? 

I don't know what the interest on that money was for two months, but I am quite certain that it more than covered the 'administrative' cost of that invoice that I just received.


I hope this finds you sleeping well-unless you are a lawyer, in which case I hope you're up most of the night- with the runs.


ps. remembered after posting this that two of my very good friends are lawyers, and I wouldn't wish the runs on them, so I ammend that last statement to read, " ...I hope you're up most of the night-with the runs-unless you're Kristen or Brynne."

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