Thursday, April 18, 2013

Political Patriotism

Ever since I've moved to PEI there's a news story that keeps coming back up over and over that continues to surprise me.
Every once in a while there will be some high level appointment or back room deal in which a well-known supporter of whichever government it is comes out the winner.  And there is usually a big stink made on the news about political patriotism and favoritism and how this isn't fair, etc. etc.
I'm always confused because I grew up in a community that basically relied on political patriotism and those who showed their 'colours' were rewarded when the opportunity arose.  It was, and is, part of life.  Be it a significant contract, a work term, or one day's backhoe work, if you're on the 'right side of government' your chances are much better. 
So I'm always surprised when PEI makes a kerfuffle about this sort of thing.  I've taken it for granted that it's a fact of life and it's a choice whether to support one or another party or to appear to remain neutral.  I fully understand the benefits of being a visible and well-known supporter, but have also seen the negatives of being on the 'wrong side' as well.
It's also taken me a while to get used to the fact that Mark's family isn't particularly involved in politics.  They vote and are probably more informed than many, but there is no 'colour' associated with them.  Where I come from, it's not a Sunday dinner or Saturday evening chat without some political banter of some sort.  And it's not like I've shied away from sharing my political views on this blog either. In fact, I think I've been fairly explicit in some cases, if not sharing my preference, certainly exposing the ones I hate the most.  I'm sure if you searched "Dead Shark Eyes" within this blog alone, you'd come upon more than one entry of a rant of mine regarding the 'current administration' as they are often referred to.
So imagine my surprise when we got the call to be the sight for an announcement to be made by the federal Minister of Agriculture for the national ag. funding program (Growing Forward 2).  My first thought was, "Who is doing the vetting these days!??!"  My second thought was, "No way.  We're not hosting this.  Everyone will think we're Conservatives!!!  GAH!!"  My third thought was, "Is Mark a secret member of the party!?!!?  I can't sleep with a Conservative!?"  (no, I didn't really think that.  there's no way a Conservative-even a secret one- could put up with listening to me and my rants everyday.)
I had several trains of thought following those, but I'll share those another time.
For now, I'm off to get my beauty sleep so that I'll look good on camera tomorrow (filmed chatting to Minister Ritz about GM alfalfa), and have patience to deal with all the handlers and minions who will be running around 2 hours beforehand trying to make a farm look like just the right kind of farm for a backdrop.  I'd like to watch them try to herd the roosters into a convenient spot.
I sincerely hope that Rosie doesn't get out like she did the other night and run completely a muck all over the farm, looking like a big pregnant rodeo bull, with her giant belly swaying heavy with each kick and triumphant jump.
Although that would certainly make the (likely otherwise pretty dry) day more interesting I'm sure. :)

I hope this finds you thinking about your own 'political affiliation' and how that might be expressed, unbeknownst to you.




  1. Hope there's a posting of an 'unofficial' picture from tomorrow on here!!

  2. Pictures !!!! Did you follow my advice; keep your shirt on and keep a smile in place ?