Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Organic Harvest Festival!

Every year we look forward to splurging a bit and heading into the big city of Charlottetown to attend the Organic Harvest Meal.  It has traditionally been a sit down meal at a fancy venue with a fancy price.  This year however, it is being organized as a festival, a family affair.  It's on a Sunday afternoon, on the lawn of the experimental farm, with kids activities, entertainment and of course, lots of amazing organic food.  Everything is from PEI and everything is certified organic.  I hear that in particular the lamb and eggs being used are particularly delicious.  haha!!

Anyway, it is always an amazing time and I anticipate that this year will be no exception!  Tickets can be bought at any Sobey's across PEI or at a number of other restaurants and stores. You can go here for more info.

Also, since the lamb and eggs are getting the attention on Sunday, the chicken is getting some attention tomorrow night at the Roving Feast as part of the wrap up of the Fall Flavours events here on PEI.  Mark (and only Mark since tickets are limited and $$!!) will be standing with an executive, top chef from the USA, brought in especially to highlight some special PEI products to showcase our certified organic chicken.  The Feast features chefs and producers from across the Island, but each year they bring in a chef 'from away' to up the ante a bit and add a touch of ...extra elitism?  I'm just cranky because I can't go, but it does sound like a fancy affair worth it for foodies.

The chef 'from away' is coming to tour the farm this morning, so I'd better go clean myself up and maybe I'll be able to squeeze another ticket out.  Or maybe I should look extra pathetic and he'll feel so bad for me that he'll practically pay me to go.


Hope this finds you well!




    put on your brothers sad dealing face,, and that with lucy and wilson's smile should get you a ticket !!!!!

  2. LOL - sweet blog! :-) I love it -- hope all went well!


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    Please become a follower! ;-)

  3. great bloggin sally. you rock.

    listen, just come tomorrow evening, it wont be an issue. you grew the chickens too, right!! let them toot there $80 horn as loud as they want; their will be more food than needed. hope to see you there. roy.

  4. Oh,Well, think positive; your supper of toast and tea will have less calories than what Mark is enjoying. You are having a busy week and weekend.

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