Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A (Life) Lesson in Fun

While there is little more in life as alienating as an inside joke, this blog began as an update to my family as to my life here on PEI, so I'm going back to my roots on this one.  If you aren't familiar with my family you won't get this video, and it's completely unrelated to the farm.  But you might enjoy it anyway.   
It's a year since my sister passed away, leaving us all in a cloud of confusion and sadness.  Thankfully, she devoted a huge part of herself to making everyone else laugh so we have the memories that far outshine the sorrow.  My sister, April recently asked for some clips of the two of them in their 'alter ego' characters. Unfortunately, I think I was always laughing too hard to hold the camera straight long enough for a video, but I did manage to snap a few still shots of the fun, now and then.  This is a little collection of just a few.   (Make sure you have your sound turned on and up.)
And to my brother Mark, sorry for the short joke, it's all relative.



  1. thanks for that, it is still a little hard to watch but did bring a smile to my face, thinking of you all!

  2. Oh Sal! So good for the soul. Thank you!

  3. Oh Sally that was wonderful. Good to see. Thinking of you and your family this week.