Friday, August 26, 2011

Veggie Death Notice

SALLY'S NIGHTSHADES "Tomatoes and Potatoes"- May 2011-August 2011
Sally's Tomatoes, of Freetown, PE were found, Sunday afternoon, in a mass of black and grey leaves caused by late blight.  Born in Brookvale, lovingly raised by Jen Campbell, the tomatoes grew up with a strength reserved for the best that organic can offer and had an impressive showing in growth and production.  It was the unfortunate and damp weather of this summer, combined with their placement in the buckle of the potato belt which made their continued existence, nearly impossible.  The Bernard family was able to enjoy one ripe tomato prior to the wipeout and was able to recover a collection of small potatoes, but the pain of the loss was exacerbated by the large box of beautiful green tomatoes which promptly turned to grey slop. The tomatoes were survived by their sisters, the potatoes until they all crumpled at the thought of existing without each other. (or from late blight.)  Both families are survived by some very sad looking corn, overgrown beans, non-producing peppers and leafy cucumber-turned-squash plants.  The onions were too busy drying successfully in the sun to notice.   
A private ceremony was held with close family members and internment occured at the hottest compost pile.  Donations to a seed bank of the donors choice would be greatly appreciated by the family.

Hope this finds you making big plans for preserving and canning, with your own veggies or otherwise!  :)



  1. no beets no carrots no beans no cukes no problem BUT i do have taters, turnips, peas and alll the weeds you can eat . better luck next year!!!!!!!