Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Too opinionated?

aghk.  Getting pictures from my camera to my computer lately has loomed large in front of me like a task beyond my abilities.  And then posting without pictures just seems like a rip-off to my readers who I'm pretty sure often come for the pictures more than the rants.  So, there's my latest excuse.
I've also been in recovery mode from the frantic lambing we had during Christmas and have not yet quite caught up on the sleep. 
Lastly, I'm torn as to what I want to tackle.  The whole supply management discussion going on right now has me a bit on edge, but it's not exactly my department, so I'm not quite feeling educated enough to tackle it at this point.  Give me time though and I'm certain I'll come up with some mind altering idea that will fix the world's problems.  I've also been quietly building a stronger argument against fracking that is nearly ready for blog reveal (prepare thyselves brothers), but am waiting to better articulate it. (Have you heard the latest?-Fracking has been tied to earthquakes now. Am still looking into that one.)
I couldn't go without posting tonight though to congratulate my dearest old friend Peter McKay on his recent marriage to an ex-beauty queen.  How fitting since he is an ex-politician who is now just a robot in the Harper machine we used to call Canada.

The sheep are doing well. Mark has the barn all puttered out and I think a snow dump might actually do him good to get out in the tractor for a while.  The kids are coming down from Christmas and the house is almost back together (whatever that means). 

Hope this finds you settling back into routine and looking forward to a new year of good friends, family and great food.


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  1. When the power goes out,the house is soo quiet and a similar sense comes to mind when the Christmas decorations and stuff gets taken down and put away. The rooms in their "bare" state seem so "tidy" or at least uncluttered.Does not last long !!!