Saturday, February 27, 2010

Promise we get to sleep when we're dead?

Between the Olympics, lambing and a kid who still refuses to sleep through the night, Mark and I are considering checking into Guantanamo Bay's sleep deprivation unit to get some shut eye.
On the upside, we are officially a lamb-consuming family. These shots of Wilson are from today's lunch which was organic lamb sausage in tomato sauce over cous cous. Lucy likes to say and play with her "cooose cooose!" and it's quick so it works for everyone. As you can see, Wilson likes it too. I think he looks like a fan at the Olympics, cheering on a country with a lot of orange on their flag. That's what happens when an independent child is tired at the table. I'm blaming the flavours of the sausage on the radioactive colour, because the tomato sauce wasn't orange like that!
Then, the other day I tried out a recipe for samosas in phyllo. I used lamb instead of ground beef and I think they turned out fantastically. Heavy on the curry, but I'm a big fan of curry, so it gets my stamp of approval. Plus, I am just so proud of myself for working with phyllo and a two year old and not losing my patience. If you know me, you know that is indeed a feat in itself.

I'll leave you with a couple shots of Barnyard Organics pint-sized shepherds. Thankfully, sheep make great babysitters when chores take too long.
My small shepherdess and below: my even smaller shepherd.
In final news, for any of you olympic hopefuls of the future, I would advise you to get to know me, since the only two people I've ever known to go to the games have both come home with silver medals. I'm clearly a good-luck charm. Atta girl Cheryl!

Hope this finds you better rested than us!



  1. Great shots Sal. You are becoming quite the gourmet cook. Your samosas look fantastic. And indeed; hats off to you for the patience shown in making them sleep deprived and with a helper!