Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Meatless in Freetown

It's Tuesday, the day I do groceries (because I get a sweet 10% discount at Sobeys when I have my friend Patty Jo's Holland College student card) and as I was walking through the meat section I realized that there wasn't a single item there that I could eat under my lenten resolution to only eat free-range meat. And ever since a disturbing night-long event with my children over bad fish, I made a life-long resolution to never buy grocery store fish, so I was feeling a bit protein-less. On top of it all, we have been saving all of our eggs for the upcoming ACORN conference and will be able to eat em again on Thursday (at which time I will eat more eggs than I did in Africa-which is at EVERY meal). We are waiting on a side of pork from our friends Roy and Jen Vandermaar (mmmm) and a quarter of beef from my brother and all of our chickens are frozen whole, so on a night when I would probably cook up a veggie-laden omelet, even that is off the menu!
We had tofu only a couple nights ago (made here on PEI) (surprisingly a family favorite), so I don't want to push that again. The fish guy doesn't come to town until tomorrow.
My brother brought over a bunch of beautiful hamburger a few weeks ago and we've been plowing through that in the interim while the rest of our meat waits to arrive, and I'm not sure how healthy it is the eat hamburger everyday. I'm creative with it, but really...how much ground beef is too much?

There are bear sausages in the freezer. Ugh. Not today. I'll hold off on those until...eternity? Actually they're more of bbq/outdoor cooking item I think. Maybe some weekend this summer when I'm not around. So the bear doesn't help me either.
The obvious answer would be lamb, but it's over at the farm freezer and with Wilson still sleeping, we're cutting it close to the 5 o'clock supper to get everyone dressed, over to the barn, pick up meat, bring it back, get undressed, thaw it out, cook it properly...ugh I get a cramp just thinking about it. How do working mothers do this?
HELP! It's 3:30, do you know where your meat is? Or where it's been?

Hope this finds you well-fed and happy.



  1. Home made macaroni and cheese. Make a roux and the cream sauce,throw in some cheese. Cook the macaroni and you got supper. Add a few leftover veges and you are all set.

  2. luke and ellie say nice pictures on the blog