Friday, May 21, 2010

Food Inc.

I first heard about it from our friend Jen and Roy Vandermaar, who we bought some DEEEELicious pork from.  Then I saw an entire Oprah show about it.  So when Mark and I took a quick stroll through the movie store the other night (really just a stop in for the free popcorn) and saw it on the shelf, we decided it was due time to finally sit down and watch it.
Food Inc.

Amazing documentary that I would recommend to everyone who eats. 
Yes, that would be you.

I was worried that it might be filled with all sort of overblown and exaggerated stories and pictures that would give me nightmares and make me cranky, but it really just reaffirmed everything I keep saying on here, but far more elegantly and with evidence.  We, the consumers, really are the ones making the decisions, everytime our food passes the grocery store scanner. 

So, if you're in your local movie store and you see a DVD with a picture of a cow with a bar code on it's side, pick it up and check it out.  I promise it will help you think.