Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Strait!!

 Beach day!  Sunday was a warm breezy day and we headed down to Mark's aunt's cottage on the south shore and much to our amazement the water was warm too!

(two pictures removed)

My little exhibitionists showed no shame as usual and enjoyed every minute of it!  I took the two kids to the beach every warm day last summer, but I can already see that it won't be such a simple task this year, with two rowdy fish, instead of one fish and one bump on a log baby.  My children missed the gene with the fear of water, which is better than being perpetually scared, but makes for watchful beach days.
Seasonal eating makes for delicious treats and although rhubarb tends to fall a bit low on my list of favorite foods, it sure does make a perfect ice cream topping.  The picture is of a bowl of vanilla ice cream and stewed, sweetened rhubarb.  Spring in a bowl!  I had a big feed of fiddleheads the other day as well and what a beautiful treat that was too!  Seems as the most fleeting fare is the best.  I guess that's what makes it a 'treat'.
Thankfully our local asparagus is up and I've got a delivery of five pounds on the way tomorrow!  Sounds like a lot, but asparagus is one of those things I like to eat until I'm sick and then not again for a year, at which time I'm craving it again.  What a perfect little green treat...mmmm.  My own asparagus has finally broken ground and I think the chickens only managed to kill two sets of roots, so looks like I'm the one laughing now! Mwahaha!
I picked up a couple new members of the Barnyard Organics family this week and they've been out enjoying some grass today.  My mom is 'downsizing' her flock and I bought her hair sheep from her.  They are the funniest looking little things, but I think they will add a nice element of diversity to my flock.  (Pictures to follow)  So far they are so spooked that I can hardly go near the barn without them skidding into a corner, but once quarantine is over, surely they'll come around.
Soon enough I'm sure they'll be as happy and comfortable as Wilson looks in this last picture! 

Hope this finds you recovering from a big day of sun!  Happy Birthday Victoria, once again your weekend was a beaut!



  1. Hope you enjoy the asparagus. Our 5lbs is nearly gone. Isn't the rain grand!!!! Hope it sticks around for a few days. I got chased out of the garden but didn't mind one bit. Glad some of your asparagus survived the chickens.

  2. the beach looks great sall ,we had the kids to the shore as well..