Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Well, I'm completely nauseous from reading the headlines and hearing the reports of our fantastic federal government's spending/cutting plans that the creative side of my brain is simply dumbfounded, hence the lack of posts.
This whole robo call business has been dwarfed by the tremendous jet fiasco.  My family hated playing crib with me because I count on my fingers and my math leaves much to be desired.  I think, however, that my meagre math skills would likely skunk those of Peter McKay.  "Let's cut all the Environment funding to pave the way for corporate 'development' (read:raping) of our natural resources so that we take all that money we saved and spend it on GI Joes."

I am writing today though, because there is a new noise in our house, sitting not far from where I'm typing.  We have a little experiment going, having just ordered our hens for the year.  Since we have Roosti strutting around, and are able to borrow a little incubator, we're trying our hand at hatching our own eggs. It will be a great trial of experimentation and learning, but if we ever DO get a chick out of it, won't it be fun!?  So we put the first few on today, will candle in a couple days and see what we've got. I've seen Roosti in action, so here's hoping for the best!

Pictures to follow.  It's too nice of a day to be in here any longer.


ps. I passed my minimum skill testing last night at roller derby and so now am an official roller girl!  Well, I still have to do my 25 laps in 5 minutes, but I get to scrimmage and battle it out either way! Whooohoo!  I love this sport, more and more everyday.


  1. Oh, I am so envious; about the hatching not the GI Joes! I have been wanting to try my hand at the 'all natural' chick production but the numerous roadblocks that have been coming my way have deterred me (for now). I will just have to enjoy your success. Keep us posted and good luck with it; I think you will have more luck controlling Roosti than ol' Mr. Harper. And I think we are due for some action shots of Ms. Shove'Her; anyone else agree?

  2. Lisa, when you said "I am so envious" , my first thought was that you were referring to wanting to be an official roller girl!! :)

  3. Definitely in need of some derby photos!!!