Friday, April 27, 2012

bizzzzy, bizzzy bees

Well, it seems that each time one item is complete, or one meeting is over, we hear ourselves saying, "Well, now that that's over, things can get back into routine again."  What I've come to realize is that that feeling of anticipated relaxation IS the routine around here.  It has been a couple of the craziest months around here, since Mark and I have met I think.  We seem to have problems saying 'no' to people and word must be getting around because we're getting more requests to do things all the time.   Just a forewarning, if you were thinking of asking one of us to do something anytime soon, don't hold your breath.
As Mark and I stared at the calendar this morning it dawned on us that next week has slowly developed into the perfect storm of activity here at the farm. 115 meat chicks and 15 layer chicks arrive on Tuesday, along with the 14 we've got in the incubator that are due that day (and it's a coincidence, we're not nearly that well organized).  Our two weaner pigs are due to arrive sometime in the week and that involves researching, developing, building and testing out whatever infrastructure we're going with, since this is a TOTALLY new venture for us.   I need to get my lambs weighed off and see who's ready to go to market, if any and start to organize orders.  We need to decide what we're doing with Rhubarb and do something about de-horning. 
The pressure is on to get our manure on the land and although it's still quite early and we need the rain, the wet days seem to add a sense of urgency to things as outdoor jobs are put off 'till the next dry day'.
I've got a hankering to a bigger blog post with pictures and some proper narrative, but as has been the case lately, the blog will likely fall down on the list.  
I'm excited to announce that I got myself a little job for the summer, working with/for my friend Jen in her market garden and greenhouse.  At just two mornings a week most people might not consider it much of a 'job', but I think it will be great for us/me.  

Ah, the wants of a birthday boy calls.  It is so hard to believe that it has been three years already since we brought our little Mark clone into the world.  Happy Birthday Wilson!
I hope this finds you marvelling at the green that follows a spring rain.


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