Friday, April 6, 2012

Chips, pop, and spent hens.

Last night, the Thursday evening before Good Friday and Easter, our roller derby team held a fundraiser at the local Superstore, bagging groceries.  It cranked out a bunch of cash, which was great, and we had lots of people expressing interest, and of course it was a great time with a super bunch of girls.  What I'm still shocked at this morning is the kind of garbage that people buy to feed their families.  I mean, I know that stuff exists, I see it on the shelves, but there were so many young moms with kids in tow who were buying complete trash, I had a hard time really enjoying myself on those orders.
This sounds so pretentious of me, the organic shopper, who never buys milk, meat or eggs, but there is no excuse to buy Hungry Man TV dinners for children.  There were these wierd things like french fries, but they were made of 'chicken' that were very popular.  And LOTS of french fries and chips.  Lots of chips.  Oh, and Pepsi.  It had to have been on sale, because nearly every order had at least two cases.
And it's Easter, I know.  Family is over, it's a special, celebratory time, and maybe people are 'treating themselves' with some real 'indulgences', but that's not the impression I got.
It just proved further, that people are not paying enough for food.  A $12 bag of 'chicken french fries'  is absolutely ridiculous.  That's a spent laying hen battered in some highly subsidized GMO oils.  GET TO KNOW YOUR FOOD!

In other news, it is a beautiful, sunny Good Friday here and although we do really need some rain, I am off to enjoy the rays.  Then I'll nuke a Hungry Man for the kids for lunch, text on my unnecessary iPhone, watch some satellite TV soap opera, book a trip on credit and complain a lot about the cost of food.  And then, I'll be SURE to use the self-checkout next time so the self-righteous bagger can't judge my choices .  haha!



  1. So that's why I use the self check out, now I know! Even more fun in Florida to see what is available. Florida oranges very hard to find, I guess theirs all go for the juice market.

  2. Having been one of those buying that stuff I can tell you that sometimes its the convenance of sticking something in the microwave after a hard day at the office.
    Count yourself lucky to be a farmer
    And while I do try to cook from scratch I frigging tired after working 30 to 40 hours at the damn office and the weekends are spent trying to get the house cleaned. Fatigue is my constant companion and while I do know and realize working on a farm is hard work i feel it would be a more satisfying type of work than pushing numbers around.