Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Heaven on (dry) Earth

I wish that I could bottle up these days and bring them out throughout the year, when the bugs are biting, or when the snow is blowing or when the spray tractors are travelling.  The breeze is warm, there are no bugs, the farmers are bustling about and happy to be busy, the sun feels like a long lost friend, the grass is soft underfoot and everything feels like a job well-done.  I had on an old t shirt today and when I took it off to shower tonight I got to enjoy a rainbow of smells and stains ranging from Rosie's cow smell, to hydraulic fluid to soured cream to pulled pork to a clump of mixed chicken feed rolled up in the hem.  The kids' bathwater was opaque and they were asleep before they even heard the spring peepers.
Between the honk of geese, the frogs singing, the last of the leaves blowing into the hedgerows and ditches, the rattle of kids' bike tires and the smell of the earth warming up, it's almost easy to forget that there is a crop to prepare for and that it's way too dry.

Enjoy the sun and celebrate spring, but do a little rain dance when you get the chance.




  1. I have never done yard work this early...never, never, never.

  2. i never want to go in at night , it is mother nature at her best . watching the last rays go down and then watching the first stars peek out while listening to the animal sounds , i would not trade this land for another.

  3. Peepers here in WB too. The old saying; if they sing in April,they will shut up in May, meaning it will be cold .
    Farmers are arguing with themselves over whether it is too early or has the seasons really changed.....