Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lessons of the day

Lessons of this wet May day:
1. Kids can never have too many rubber boots.  It is inevitable that they will get punctured or left out in the rain or submerged or filled which will result in many wet socks, wet pants, cold feet and whiny kids.  Thank goodness for dry hand-me-downs from older cousins that can quickly replace the wet boots and quell the whines for a little while longer.  Now if they only came with an elastic top so a wee one couldn't get them off.

2. Visits to farmers always take longer than expected.

3. Baby chicks go from fuzzy and cute to feathers and ugly almost overnight.  Their feed consumption grows with them.



  1. is that your rubber boot collection?????
    even if it was it could be used up in one day by a house full of little feet !

  2. ha! I WISH it was our collection. You're right, we could go through all those in a very short time. :)