Sunday, May 27, 2012

This week

Well, since I last wrote, we've got the sheep moved onto a much nicer patch of ground and they are working away at shearing it off until I move them again this week to the next paddock.  The pigs are finally out and exploring, rooting and digging to beat the band and wagging those curly little tails as they literally frolick in the sun.  The first batch of chicks will be heading out into the big wide open world of the pasture this week, although now it's sounding like a stint of much needed rain later this week, so we might hold off until that passes (although, if we had done that last summer, we would never had chickens on pasture at all!).  Either way, they're ready to go and we just invested in a new security system that promises to keep predators at bay.  So we'll see if it really works.  It won't take long to tell with the foxes barking around here lately.  I predict a couple restless nights ahead.  If all goes well, we'll have fresh chicken available July 10th!  If you'd like to get in on that order, it's easiest to send us a message via email or facebook, including how many you'd like, what size and a phone number.  If there is enough interest, we'll do a drop off in Charlottetown and Summerside.  If not, you are always welcome to come to the farm.  The first batch always goes fast, so book now to get in on some organic, GMO-free(!), pasture raised chicken!
Our second batch of chicks arrive early this week, so the brooder will be filled with yellow fuzz and tiny chirping again. 
I have three derby practices this week (!!) in preparation for our first bout coming right up.  Mark is hoping to be planting soybeans for extended hours so there will be some creative time management going on around here for a couple days, but we'll all manage I'm sure.
We're also being featured on the local CBC radio morning show tomorrow morning, so that is always fun. 
One of my other jobs this week is to be drawing up a job description to advertise for a student this summer.  It will be really great to have the extra hands around and we're hopeful we'll find someone really excited about organics and willing to learn.

I have to cut this short so that I can get my bulk order into my Speerville buying group here on PEI before order deadline tonight.  I have been too long without the organic, stone-milled flour I so love for bread making and very soon there'll be a white storm a brewing in my kitchen again! 

Speaking of storms, I've got a post about glyphosate a brewing in my head. Doesn't THAT sound fascinating!?  I promise to make it good.


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