Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Admittedly, after what seems like weeks of not posting, this post is probably not what most of you want to read, since it's basically just an advertisement for our chicken and lamb that is available within days.  BUT for those of you looking for DELICIOUS meat, read on!!!

Our chickens are raised on lush pasture from four weeks of age onward.  They also get a menu of our own certified organic grains, but I think this year's chickens are eating more grass and pasture critters than ever before.  The reaction we have had to these birds from our customers has been unbelievable.  In fact, it has been so good that we are willing to guarantee that these are the best chickens you've ever eaten.  They are have lots of white meat, but have a distinct chicken flavour that is lost by birds raised indoors on feed only.  The most common comment we hear is, "It tastes like chicken USED to taste like!  You can actually really TASTE chicken!" 
I continue to come back to my strong belief that a happy, healthy bird makes for a much healthier end product and if you could see our chickens on pasture, you would have no doubts that they are happy and healthy.

We are holding our price at $3.50/lb which is laughable to our organic colleagues in other areas of the Maritimes, but because we grow and mix our own grain and have the pasture, we are able to offer a quality product to more people at a more reasonable price.  I dare you to go to a Farmer's Market anywhere else and find certified organic, pasture raised chicken for less.  Our first batch will be ready Thursday afternoon and I suggest you call or email to place an order, but you can always just stop by the farm as well.
Our next two batches will be ready in September and October, respectively.

My lambs are looking amazing this year and I am so excited to be able to offer them earlier than ever. From this first batch I have three whole ones left, or 6 sides, however they sell.   They are also out on pasture, but are getting a little treat of grain each day to keep them happy (and round).  The sides should probably weigh out at about 20-25lbs and the price is sticking at $7/lb.  I usually do custom cut and wrap to your preferences, but if you're worried about what to get, I can help you decide.  I have also worked in the past with a meat cutter who can make sausages with the cuts you aren't sure about.  Mark LOVES lamb sausage and recommends it to everyone who ever buys a side or whole.  It costs a little bit more, but is well worth it to most people.

On the crop side, it has been and continues to be an outstanding growing year. I am still overwhelmed when I look out on our wheat fields at how perfect they look.  Let's pray that this carries through to harvest.

Hope this finds you reveling in the quickly-fleeting summer,


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